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Of course, the best resource you have for questions about your writing is your professor.  And we would always love to see you in the DEWC. Sometimes, however, you need an answer quickly.  We hope the following links will be helpful as you work on crafting your paper.  If you have an idea for a page that would be useful, we hope you’ll let us know!

    Please click through through for links to information on:

You might also find some of our worksheets useful!  Please click below to download any of our tip sheets, “be your own consultant” checklists, or graphic guides. 

Writing at Southwestern

Tips for Writing at Southwestern

Tips for College-Level Writing

Tips for English Language Learning

Tips for Disciplinary Writing

Tips for Interdisciplinary Writing


Getting Started

Tips for Reading a Prompt

Tips for a Strong Thesis Statement

Tips for Planning Longer Papers


Using Sources

Tips for Beginning Research

Tips for Considering Sources

Tips for Incorporating Quotations

Tips for Avoiding Accidental Plagiarism


Assignment-Specific Tips

Tips for Writing a Literature Review

Tips for Writing an Abstract

Tips for Capstone Writing


Be Your Own Consultant

BYOC: Phrasing

BYOC: Grammar

BYOC: Punctuation

BYOC: Big Picture Checklist 

Tips for Reverse Outlining a Paper





Tips for Analyzing your Argument



DEWC Graphic Guides

Guide to MLA Citation

Guide to Comma Use

Guide to Incorporating Quotations

Guide to Writing About Texts











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