Debby Ellis Writing Center


Our consultants work with students, staff, and faculty to improve writing practice at Southwestern.

Writing Consultations

Our consultants are available to work in small groups or one-on-one with writers at all levels, on all texts, in all disciplines, and at all stages in the writing process.  We focus on skill-building, offering writers the support and training needed to plan and execute revisions of their work and developing writing skills that will serve students across assignments and courses. The DEWC helps students build a sense of ownership of their work and encourages them to take charge of their own reflection and decision-making for revision. 

With attention to both the process and the product of writing - both the writer and the text - consultants can help with anything from brainstorming to final editing.
We can help you with:
  • Getting started or formulating a thesis
  • Organizing your paper
  • Expanding or condensing a section of your work
  • Making a plan for revision
  • Identifying and correcting grammar errors
  • Using proper citation
  • Smoothing out the style of your writing
We deal primarily with academic essays, but we are happy to work with you on anything from application essays or personal statements to creative writing. All members of our staff are trained to work in all disciplines and have access to additional resources if needed.

Faculty Workshops 

DEWC staff and administrators also provide support for faculty in planning, developing, and drafting effective writing assignments and modeling writing in the classroom.

Our next Lunchtime Faculty Workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, March 31.  Please join us at 11:30 in the Sandbox in the SLC, where The Mellon Writing Fellows and the Mellon Digital Scholarship Fellows will be on hand to answer questions about using technology to teach writing in your classroom.

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