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LiveWhale How To

The Web Office posts screencasts here that show you how to manage your content using the LiveWhale content management system.

All videos are self-explanatory. None are longer than five minutes. If you have questions about any of the videos or LiveWhale in general, please contact The Web Office at digital at

Lesson 1: Logging In to LiveWhale

Lesson 2: The Welcome Screen

Lesson 3: The LiveWhale Toolbar (Part One)

Lesson 4: The LiveWhale Toolbar (Part Two)

Lesson 5: News

Lesson 6: News Archives

Lesson 7: Importing News

Lesson 8: Finding News and Approving News Suggested to You

Lesson 9: Blurbs

Lesson 10: Images

Lesson 11: Galleries

Lesson 12: Files

Lesson 13: Tags

Lesson 14: Widgets

Lesson 15: Places