Parent’s Responsibility

Parents’/Guardians’ Responsibility

The parents/guardians of Upward Bound participants are expected to support the program by encouraging their child to participate actively in all activities, to attend school regularly, to study at home, and to seek enrollment in a post secondary educational program. Parents/Guardians are also expected to participate in the Parent/Guardian Association, to attend meetings, orientation and periodic workshops.

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS, you are a strong influence on your child’s decisions, behavior and attitude! Your encouragement and gentle yet firm guidance goes a long way. Please make sure that your child fully participates in Upward Bound, keeps his/her grades up, attends tutoring, attends UB Saturdays, and is on time and ready to participate. Push your child to take difficult classes and to work hard. Also, let the UB staff know of any issues—medical, behavioral, personal—that will assist us in working with your child effectively. Please note: If your child has a medical or behavioral issue while participating in an Upward Bound activity, you will be called to pick them up immediately.