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Throughout the year the Peer Academic Mentors develop and run workshops to help students navigate the different aspects of the academic life of the college student at Southwestern. Here is a list of workshops typically held during the Fall and Spring semesters:

AUGUST (First-Year Orientation Week)
  • “Why Are You Here/Setting Goals”

Don’t worry everyone, you made it to college: the hard part is over. But what do you want to do next? Come sit down with the Peer Mentors and start setting some goals. Then, we’ll talk about developing some skills for success in and out of the classroom to achieve those goals, even personalizing them based off your personality type and what you want to accomplish! This is a great way to build a foundation for your Southwestern career that you won’t want to miss!

  • “Top 10 Things You Should Know”

Do you have a million questions in your head and don’t know who to ask? You just got to college, so of course you do! Come get all your questions (from social life to academic life) answered in one place by upperclassmen who’ve been there! Join us as the Peer Academic Mentors provide you with information essential for your college experience-free of charge and gift cards to be had!

  • “Your Perfect Schedule/Time Management”

    One month in and you already feel busy? You’re not alone, and there’s only going to be more fun things to do during your career as a student here. Come get some free food and learn some proven skills for time management from your Peer Academic Mentors – who’ve already done this before – and get ready to make the most of everything Southwestern has to offer.
  • “Stress Less”

    Has Southwestern got you feeling stressed? Don’t let your classes get you down! Your Peer Mentors are here to offer advice for managing stress levels and finding a healthy balance between getting your work done and making time for yourself. Join us for breathing exercises, brain food, and conversation!

  • “How to Study”

    Are you starting to get anxious with finals right around the corner? Come hone your study skills with the Peer Mentors this November! We’ll be discussing test preparation and study techniques for different departments. Drop by for snacks and helpful tips!
  • “Hot Chocolate Drop-in

    Take a study break with your Peer Academic Mentors! Drop by to have a cup of hot chocolate and chat with us for a while. We’re here to answer any questions you have about anything from preparing for finals to what to expect in the next semester, so don’t hesitate to ask.
  •  “Helpful Habits

    Join the Peer Mentors this January for a discussion on habits: which are good, which are bad, and how to make or break them. We’ll be talking about our New Year’s resolutions, what it takes to form healthy habits, and how to translate those into long-term success.








**Dates, times and locations are to be determined. Watch your email and contact a PAM to find out more!**

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