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SIRA Outdoor Recreation and
Sports Equipment Check Out Reservation Form

Important Notes to Potential Equipment Users:
#1 - This is a request form only. You will receive a confirmation email within one business day. This email will indicate whether or not your reservation can be processed/confirmed.

#2 - Please make all reservation requests by noon on the day prior to the desired pick up (see check out days/times below) in order to provide sufficient time to process your reservation and prepare the equipment.

#3 - Failure to complete this reservation form correctly/completely and/or to have adequate funds available to cover the required deposit will inhibit SIRA's ability to process/confirm your request in a timely manner.

#4 - If you have questions, review our Policies and Procedures and/or you may contact at us or call 863-1606.


Name and contact information:

Name (include first and last)
E-mail (use SU e-mail)


A Refundable Deposit of $50 is required all of equipment users. Please indicate which method you will utilize to pay this deposit: Pirate Card or check. These are the only two forms of deposit that SIRA will accept. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH DEPOSITS. If you have cash available, you may go to the Pirate Card machine in the Campus Center and add those $'s to your Pirate Card.

Charge my Pirate Card $50 for the deposit.
I'll enter my card number below and I understand that SIRA will hold my $50 while I have the equipment and while processing the gear upon return. Note: A balance less than $50 on a Pirate Card will cancel your request if you choose that method of deposit.

Pirate Card Number

I'll bring a $50 check payable to "Southwestern University"
with me when I pick up the equipment.


Equipment to be Checked Out

Please list the equipment that you wish to reserve for checkout. Please be aware that each individual may check out no more than six (6) pieces of equipment at one time [note: each individual may check out a maximum of two (2) tents]. Not sure what equipment SIRA checks out? Check our list of available equipment.

Please list equipment desired and number of each item. Remember, the total number of items must be 6 or less.


Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility for Equipment

I assume full responsibility for the equipment borrowed and all accessories to said equipment; and upon request agree to pay damages incurred to said equipment (or replacement cost if equipment is lost or beyond repair) in excess of normal use and depreciation as assessed by the SIRA Staff.

I understand that I am responsible for retuning this equipment and accessories no later than 3:30 PM on the Monday following pickup (unless other arrangements are made at time of pickup); and this equipment is to be properly cleaned, dried, and packed prior to its return. I further understand that a late fee may be charged for equipment returned after the agreed upon date.

I have read and understood the above agreement
(Check box to indicate agreement).


Select a Month/Day/Time to Pick up Equipment

Please be aware that during the academic year, SIRA has student staff members to issue equipment and answer your questions about the equipment. However, these positions do not exist during the summer months. Therefore, while our checkout service continues to operate during the summer, our service does experience some gaps in service and day/times to pickup gear is more limited. For this reason, it is recommended to submitted equipment requests well in advance (e.g. a week or more notice is recommended). Please request a pickup day/time below and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Requested pickup Month/Day/Time


Comments/questions about equipment checkout
(not a required field)

Upon submiting this form you will receive an e-mail from SIRA within one working day acknowledging your request and confirming your equipment reservation or you will be provided a reason as to why the reservation cannot be filled (e.g. equipment not available or insufficient funds on Pirate Card).