Office of the Provost

Teaching Awards

Student nominations for this year’s Southwestern University Teaching Awards should be submitted by 5:00 p.m., Monday, February 16, 2015.  By submitting this nomination, it is understood that information from it may be shared with the nominated faculty member and/or used in Teaching Awards publicity materials.

Name of student submitting nomination:
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Name of faculty member being nominated:
How long have you known this faculty member?
In what capacity have you known her/him?

In the space below, describe why you are nominating this faculty member. In particular, include information that speaks to her/his teaching abilities and excellence in the classroom. Specific examples of why you believe this person should be honored with a Teaching Award should be cited. Your statement is extremely valuable to the selection committee, and should be of sufficient length to fully describe the individual’s strengths as a teacher. Selection committee members will use your statement, as well as information provided by the nominated faculty member (including course evaluations), to make their decisions.

The SU Faculty Handbook states the following about teaching effectiveness:

“Effective teaching is best defined in the context of each particular situation. In general, however, an effective teacher is one whose work is characterized by commitment to subject, to student, and to constant improvement in teaching. The effective teacher exhibits enthusiasm for the subject and has a thorough and demonstrable knowledge of the field and developments therein. In this regard, the effective teacher is one who actively engages in scholarly and/or creative endeavors and who views intellectual development of students and, to this end, is willing to be available to students in a variety of settings, both in and out of the classroom. An effective teacher encourages questions from students, welcomes diversity of opinion from them, and is considerate and fair in all dealings with them, seeking always to increase their capacity to think for themselves in the construction of knowledge. In addition, the effective teacher motivates and challenges students by setting rigorous academic standards and by providing timely and substantial feedback on all course assignments and exams. The effective teacher also welcomes and profits from constructive criticism. Finally, an effective teacher is one who regularly engages in course development and/or revision to ensure currency of content and/or methodology in the implementation of courses.”