Office of the Provost

Teaching Awards Recipients

Current Recipients


Dr. Martin Gonzalez, Biology
Dr. Erin Crockett, Psychology
Dr. Debika Sihi, Economics and Business



Previous Recipients

2013 Dr. Alisa Gaunder, Political Science
Mr. David Olson, Communication Studies
Dr. Patricia Schiaffini, Modern Languages and Literatures
2012 Mr. Andrew Ross, Business
Dr. Sherry Adrian, Education
2011 Dr. Sandi Nenga, Psychology
Dr. Kendall Richards, Mathematics
2010 Dr. Maria Todd, Biology
Dr. Traci Giuliano, Psychology
2009 Dr. Maria Lowe, Sociology and Anthropology
Dr. Mary Grace Neville, Economics and Business
2008 Dr. Martín Gonzalez, Biology
Dr. Alison Kafer, Feminist Studies
2007 Dr. Fay Guarraci, Psychology
Dr. Lisa Leff, History
2006 Dr. Teena Gabrielson, Political Science
Dr. Melissa Johnson, Sociology and Anthropology
2005 Dr. Erika Berroth, Modern Languages and Literatures
Dr. Shannon Winnubst, Religion and Philosophy
2004 Dr. Daniel Castro, History
Dr. Phil Hopkins, Religion and Philosophy
2003 Dr. Maria Hernandez-Ojeda, Modern Languages and Literatures
Dr. Rebecca Sheller, Biology
2002 Dr. Dirk Early, Economics and Business
Dr. Julie Thompson, Communication Studies
2001 Dr. Kendall Richards, Mathematics and Computer Science
Professor Leticia Brauchli, Modern Languages and Literatures
2000 Dr. Helene Meyers, English
Dr. Shannon Winnubst, Religion and Philosophy
1999 Dr. John Delaney, Economics and Business
Dr. Traci Giuliano, Psychology