Office of the Provost

Quality Enhancement Plan
Topic Selection Procedure


We actively solicit proposed topics from students, faculty and staff. The deadline for topic proposal
is November 1, 2010.  

By November 10, 2010, the QEP Topic Selection Committee will choose three-four topics for further

The Academic Affairs Council will be the primary deliberative body for final QEP topic selection.  For
this purpose, the AAC will invite one additional staff member and one additional student, both with the
AAC voting privileges on QEP-related issues.

The Academic Affairs Council will assign small working groups to formulate five-page proposals and
one-page proposed budgets for each topic.  The deadline for completing these proposals is January 3, 2011.

These proposals will be debated in January by the Faculty Affairs Council (on Friday, 1/14/11), the
three academic divisions and the School of Fine Arts (on Tuesday, 1/11/11), the Staff Affairs Council
(via e-mail or special meeting), the Student Affairs Council (on Wednesday, 1/19/11) and the Student
Congress (on Tuesday, 1/18/11).  These bodies will rank the topics and submit their rankings to the
AAC, which will make the final topic selection in its second January meeting (on Friday, 1/21/11).

The AAC will bring its topic selection to the University Council at its February meeting (on Tuesday, 2/8/11),
and to the February faculty meeting (on Tuesday, 2/22/11).



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