Office of the Foundation Relations

Proposal Clearance

There are four steps to make sure your grant proposal is ready to go by your appointed deadline.

Complete Signature Sheet

Three weeks before your deadline or planned submission date, download the Signature Sheet: Campus Proposal Review and Appraisal and sign it. Once you have briefed your department head on your project, s/he should sign it as well.

Prepare Your Budget

Also within two working days, prepare a budget for your project. Depending on the complexity of your project, this may range from a simple statement (“If granted, the $3000 from Emeritus Foundation will be used for the purchase of books on Chinese language and literature for the Smith Library Center.”) to a multi-line document. If your grant guidelines include a budget form, use that. If you are preparing your own budget, the Sample Budget Form includes relevant categories that may apply - complete only those sections you need.

Return Signature Sheet

Send your signature sheet (signed by you and your department head) and completed budget via campus mail to: Larkin Tom, Institutional Advancement, CB 30

Send Final, Complete Proposal

Submit the final, fully-completed version of your proposal to the Office of Foundation Relations in time for President Schrum to review it and sign the signature sheet (and a cover letter if applicable).

To make this process easier and to allow you to concentrate on the writing of the proposal itself, John McCann, assistant dean of faculty development & sponsored programs, and Larkin Tom, director of foundation relations, will help you obtain the necessary signatures. Once we receive the signature sheet and budget in campus mail, we will attach them to the Grant Overview and circulate the document. We will also work with the President’s Office to get the final version reviewed and signed. Because vacations, illnesses and other work demands can delay the process, complying with the timeframe above helps us ensure your project will be ready to go by its deadline. Questions? See our FAQs or email John or Larkin.