Office of the Provost

Informed Consent

Informed consent is a process whose goal is to respect the research subject’s dignity. The process does this by attending to the subject’s right to deliberate and to make a knowing decision whether to cooperate with the investigator’s research interest.

NOTE: The sample forms below are only examples which may require revisions based on the type of project and changes in IRB guidelines. If you are unsure, or unclear, on whether significant revisions would be required, please contact either of the chairs of the IRB, Dr. Abby Dings, phone 512-863-1667, email or Dr. Kathryn Prater, phone 512-863-1978, email or the Office of Institutional Research, at ext. 1390.

Parental Consent

All research participants under the age of 18 or not enrolled in college must provide written parental (or guardian) consent in order to participate in College-sponsored research projects.

Obtaining Assent

If the subject is a minor, an assent form should be signed by those subjects capable of reading and understanding the form.

Sample Forms

If a research project requires the use of written informed consent or a child’s assent, sample forms are available which may be adapted as appropriate.

Sample Form - Adult
Sample Form - Minor
Sample Assent Form
Sample Form - Offsite permission example #1
Sample Form - Offsite permission example #2