Fountainwood OBSERVATORY

Southwestern’s large research-quality reflecting telescope was donated to the Physics Department by Max Allen, a local engineer and builder who was also an amateur astronomer. This instrument is used by faculty and students for research, and programs of general interest to the public are conducted each month during the academic year.

Sunday September 27, 2015 Public Night at the Fountainwood Observatory: Weather Update 

This is a weather related announcement for the Sunday September 27, 2015 Public Night at the Fountainwood Observatory. The National Weather Service is predicting fairly cloudy skies over the region during the lunar eclipse. We are therefore recommending that you have a look at the sky cover just prior to your planned visit to the observatory. If the sky is heavily overcast then you should cancel your plans to come to the observatory because it is not possible view celestial objects through overcast skies. A crew will be on hand just in case of partially cloudy skies or hazy skies. However the viewing conditions will not be optimal.   

On hand to guide viewing will be S.U. Fountainwood Observatory staff and talented observers from the Williamson County Astronomy Club. Fountainwood Viewing Nights are always FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The Observatory is located on the northeast side of campus adjacent to the Rockwell Baseball Field.


Sun and Moon data from the USNO website.

Public Night, Saturday, August 22, 2015, 8 PM to 10:30 PM CDT

Sunset 8:07 PM CDT. Astronomical twilight ends 9:30 PM CDT. Lunar Phase: 50% - first quarter, the Moon is above the horizon for the entire event.

Public Night, SUNDAY, September 27, 2015, 8 PM to 10:30 PM CDT (Total Lunar Eclipse!)

(Total Lunar Eclipse!) Sunset 7:21 PM CDT. Astronomical twilight ends 8:41 PM CDT. Lunar Phase: 100% - Full Moon. Partial Eclipse begins 8:07 PM, Total Eclipse begins 9:11 PM, Eclipse Maximum 9:47 PM, Full Eclipse ends 10:23 PM, Partial Eclipse ends 11:27 PM.
Eclipse data from

Public Night, Saturday, Saturday, October 17, 2015, 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM CDT

Sunset 6:57 PM CDT. Astronomical twilight ends 8:18 PM CDT. Lunar Phase: 16 % waxing crescent, the Moon is above the horizon for the entire event.

Yoga Under the Stars Fundraiser Event, Saturday, November 14, 2015, 8 PM to 10:30 PM CST

Sunset 5:34 PM CST. Astronomical twilight ends 6:57 PM CST. Lunar Phase: 6% waxing crescent, the Moon is not visible during the event.