Southwestern Events

Scheduling Procedures

External Constituents wishing to rent University facilities should call the Director of Events at 512-863-1480. Southwestern faculty, staff or students may not schedule facilities for external groups.

Southwestern students, faculty, and staff wishing to reserve University facilities for university events may go to to request a facility. (Please note that spaces can be reserved only for university events not personal events.)

Scheduler Plus Express Request

Click "Request" button at top

Screen 1 - User Information

  1. Client - Select - "Students" if you are a student: Faculty/Staff should select his/her department (Please do NOT add a new "client" to the list)
  2. Contact - Faculty/Staff should select your name from the list.
  3. (If your name is not in the system, complete fields "First name, Last name, Phone 1 and E-mail)
  4. Click on Next at bottom

Screen 2 - Meeting Detail

  1. Complete - Meeting Name
    Example: Science Faculty Meeting
    # Attending
  2. Notes - Include in this message box any details you think should be known by the scheduling office. If you need set up and/or break down times for your event, you must state them here so the scheduler can reserve the appropriate amount of time for your event.
  3. Click on Next at bottom

Screen 3 - Date and Time

  1. Click Month and Date (arrows at top advance calendar to future months)
  2. Multiple dates can be selected in one request by clicking each date desired. (To remove a date, click again on the date to be removed.)
  3. After you select the date, time options will pop up in lower box. Click down arrows to select the exact time your event will begin and end. (Do not include preparation and clean-up time - Building Coordinators will add that information based on the information you provided in the "Meeting Detail" notes when scheduling the event. You must provide this information.)
  4. Click on Next at bottom

Screen 4 - Meeting Place

  1. Next you will see a list of facilities that can accommodate your capacity request. Select the facility you wish to request. (Important: If you want to book the entire McCombs Ballroom, you must select a capacity of 30 or less and then select the Shields Room, McCombs Room, and McNab Room.) Multiple rooms can be booked in one request.
  2. Special Note: Requests to reserve the ballrooms are monitored to limit the number of approved requests that require major changes to the ballrooms' standard set up. If your event would be better suited for another location due to set up requirements, please request that space instead of the ballrooms.
  3. Click on Next at bottom

Screen 5 - Services

  1. If you need food/beverages, furnishings (special set up) or audiovisual services, you need to select the appropriate tabs at top:
    • Food/Beverages

      Click box that indicates that you would like food/beverage services and then you must call Sodexo Catering at 863-1913 to discuss details and billing. If you know what you want from the Catering Guide, write specifics in "Food Special Instructions" box at top of this screen, and call Sodexo Catering for confirmation.

    • Furnishings

      This is a mandatory field. No requests will be confirmed by the schedulers until set up requirements are provided. If you have NO set up or removal needs, please select "Attention, No set up or removal required" at the top of the options list. Click box(s) that indicate tables, chairs, etc. needed for your event. Indicate in box at right of each furnishing option the number of furnishings needed. Please write in "Furnishings Special Instructions" information regarding location of furnishings or any special information physical plant should know. If your set up involves a lot of details, you should draw a diagram of your desired set up and send to physical plant. Be sure to include event name, date and location on your drawing. (Note: When you receive your event confirmation via E-mail, it is confirming the space only. Physical Plant will notify you separately if they are unable to provide the equipment you requested.)

    • Audiovisual

      Click the box that indicates the equipment desired. Please write any "Special Instructions" for audiovisual services in box at top. (Note: When you receive your event confirmation via E-mail, it is confirming the space only. Audiovisual services will notify you separately if they are unable to provide the equipment you requested.)

  2. Click on Next at bottom

Screen 6 - Summary

  1. This screen will show all the details you have requested. Review them carefully. Click on the tab(s) User, Meeting, Date/Time, Place or Service if you need to make changes to your request. Make the desired changes and then return to the summary to review again. Be sure that your request includes your furnishing needs.
  2. When all information is correct, select Submit at bottom of page. A confirmation screen of all information will appear. Print for your files and reference.

Important Notice:

You have completed your REQUEST. Do NOT advertise or promote your event until you have confirmation via E-mail that your request has been approved and scheduled. You will receive 2 emails regarding your request. 1. The first one is an "activity confirmation." This ONLY confirms the fact that you made a request and it was sent. 2. The second email is an "Event Confirmation." This means that your request was approved and the facility has been reserved for you.

If your event requires special permission from the Dean of Students, be sure that you get the appropriate approval.

The confirmation you receive via E-mail is for the space only. You should call Sodexo Catering at Ext. 1913 to confirm food/beverage services; physical plant and audiovisual services will contact you if your request for furnishings or audiovisual equipment can't be met.