Southwestern Events

Facility Coordinators

Academic Facilities (from 8am-5pm M–F)

Contact: Maria Trevino (x1954)

  • Cullen Classrooms
  • Fine Arts Classrooms
  • Fondren Jones Science Classrooms
  • Kyle E. White Bldg. Classrooms
  • Library Classrooms
  • Mood-Bridwell Classrooms
  • Mundy Hall Classrooms
  • Olin Classrooms
  • Olin Lecture Halls
  • Robertson Center Classrooms
  • Prothro Center Classrooms, Seminar Rooms and Conference Rooms

Alma Thomas Fine Arts Center

Contact: Lena Garcia (x1379)

  • Caldwell-Carvey Foyer
  • Jones Theater
  • Alma Thomas Theater

Contact: Allison Fannin (x1504)

  • Academic Classrooms (after 5pm and on weekends)
  • Studios

Sharon Lord Caskey Center

Contact: Stefanie Alvarez (x1624)

A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center

Contact: Deb Flummer (x1637/1635)

  • Prothro Room
  • Academic Classrooms (after 5pm and on weekends)

Lois Perkins Chapel

Contact: Debbie Pauley (x1480)

  • Chapel
  • Chapel Lounge
  • Chapel Courtyard
  • Finch Plaza

Red & Charline McCombs Campus Center

Contact: Jason Chapman (x1345)

  • Dan Rather Room
  • Roy & Margaret Shilling Dining Rooms
  • Concourse
  • McCombs Ballroom (Lynda McCombs, Marsha McCombs Shields, Connie McCombs McNab)
  • Academic Mall and McCombs Flagpole area

Corbin J. Robertson Athletic Facilities

Contact: Bill Raleigh (x1661)/Susan Leavell (x1381)

  • Natatorium
  • Robertson Court
  • Walzel Courts
  • Athletic Fields
  • Academic Classrooms (after 5pm and on weekends)

Julie Puett Howry Center

Contact: Debbie Pauley (x1480)

F.W. Olin Building

Contact: Susie Bullock (x1937)

  • After 5pm and on weekends

Residence Hall Facilities

Contact: Stefanie Alvarez (x1624)

  • Brown-Cody Hall Lounge
  • Dorothy Manning Lord Residential Center Common Room

Other Facilities

Contact: Debbie Pauley, Events Office (x1480)

  • Mood-Bridwell Classrooms (after 5pm and on weekends)
  • Mood-Bridwell Atrium
  • FJSH Classrooms (after 5pm and on weekends)
  • Cullen Classrooms (after 5pm and on weekends)
  • Mundy Hall Classrooms (after 5pm and on weekends)
  • Prothro Center Atrium and Lobby
  • Prothro Center Open Lounge (2nd Floor)
  • Prothro Center classrooms, seminar rooms and conference rooms (after 5pm and on weekends)