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Information for Supervisors of Student Workers

If you hire student workers you need to complete a Student Hire List for all students hired before they start working.

If you hire student workers you need to complete a Student Hire List for all students hired. This form (along with other Student payroll forms) can be found on the Business Office web page (listed below). You can download the excel format and fill it in on your computer or print it and write or type it. Please use letter size (8 1/2 X 11) paper. You can also find a supply of all forms in the Business Office.

Fill in the student worker’s name, student ID #, SU Box #, indicate new hire or rehire, start date and end date (usually the dates of the academic term), the hourly pay rate and the number of hours the student will be working. If the student starts at a time other than the beginning of the Academic term, please include the actual start date.

The form should be signed and dated by the Budget Officer of the account the student will be paid from and the account number must be listed on the form. There is also a line to authorize who will be signing the time sheets as alternate supervisor.  Turn in the completed form to the Business Office/Student Payroll before the student begins work. Student Workers must be set up on the system, before they can log in their time on WebAdvisor. You may submit hire lists for a term at the end of the previous term if you know which students will be returning. Changes may be made in the new term.

Note: Student workers are not authorized to work until the students have completed and turned in their I-9, W-4, and Direct Deposit forms to the Business Office and the supervisor has turned in a Student Hire List.

Hours limitation:
The total hours an SU student may work in a calendar (not academic) year is limited to fewer than 1,000. The total number of hours per calendar year set by HR is 884 and begins on January 1st of each year. It is divided up by semester as follows: Spring-289, Summer-221, and Fall-374. If you need more information about how many hours a student worker has worked to date, please contact me.

Most student positions pay minimum wage – currently $7.25 per hour. 

Students do not get paid for holidays unless they actually worked on that day.  If they did not work that day and still want to get their usual hours in for the week, they can work on Sat and/or Sun or work more hours per day for the remaining days in the week to get their hours in.  They are not limited to working 8 hrs per day, and we don’t pay overtime for working more than 8 hrs per day, but we do pay overtime for working more than 40 hours per week.

Students working at any time between academic semesters (summer and Holiday Break) must turn in separate time entries from the Academic term, and must specify whether it is to be paid out of the summer or academic budget. Dates and hours worked must be specified on the time entry.

Students must submit their time entry before 10 am on the Monday following the period ending date.  Supervisors must review and approve student time reports by 10 pm the same day. A chart of period ending dates is also provided on the website. RA’s and other students who are required to begin work before the first day of class may start up to two weeks before classes start.

Time entries must be completed by the student and reviewed and approved by the supervisor to be included in the payroll. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to verify the accuracy of their student worker’s time reports.  Please see: on the Business Office web page for  Web Time Entry-Student Employee Instructions and  Web Time Entry-Supervisor Approval Instructions.

If you or your student workers have any questions, please feel free to call the Business Office for assistance at 512-863-1930.