Approved Program Provider Highlight: ISEP

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    -Courtesy of ISEP

The Office of Intercultural Learning will be highlighting one of its 22 approved study abroad program providers on a regular basis.  The first, and inaugural, provider in this series is ISEP.

ISEP promotes cross-cultural learning through its network of higher education systems that includes over 300 colleges and universities in 50 countries.  The ISEP experience provides a unique opportunity to fully integrate into the host university and culture in order to gain a better understanding of the student’s academic field while developing intercultural competence.

image Mission Statement:

ISEP promotes academic and cross-cultural learning through its worldwide network of higher education institutions.  ISEP facilitates academic mobility through innovative and affordable programs to achieve authentic global learning.  ISEP enhances institutional infrastructures and fosters campus internationalization. 

Who We Are:

What We Offer:

  • ISEP-Exchange each outbound participant pays the cost of an academic term (tuition, housing and meals) at the home institution, for every student sent abroad, the institution receives one in return.
  • ISEP-Direct fee-paid study-abroad programs at member institutions; participants pay a fee to ISEP, which covers the host institution’s program cost.

What can I expect if I choose ISEP as my program provider?

While participating in an ISEP program, students gain understanding of the international dimensions of their academic field and develop intercultural competence and personal maturity through immersion in another culture.

  • Integration into the host university
  • Full-time enrollment in the host institution
  • Enrollment in the same courses as students of the host country (in most cases)
  • 19 meals per week or an equivalent stipend
  • Housing typical to that of other local students
  • Advising and a pre-departure orientation from their home ISEP Coordinator
  • On-site orientation and local support as needed from the host ISEP Coordinator.

Benefits of ISEP

  • Host institution staff conduct orientation, ensure that housing and meals are provided, and facilitate students’ registration and integration into the institution
  • Placements are available in all academic disciplines
  • Incoming students bring cultural and linguistic diversity to the campus and international perspectives to the curriculum

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