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Georgetown Health Foundation

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A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of quality, accessible health care for all persons in the Georgetown area.

The Georgetown Health Foundation’s roots date back to 1924. From the beginning, the Georgetown Hospital has provided for the health of the community with a focus on building relationships. The hospital’s founders believed, as we still do today, in improving the quality of life in Georgetown, based on the values, merits and character of the people in this community.

In 1947, Dr. Hal Gaddy, Jr. joined the hospital and played a critical role in ensuring quality, accessible medical services were established in Georgetown. Together with Dr. Douglas Benold, Dr. Gaddy, Jr. opened a new clinic in 1958. The doctors were joined by three new physicians: Dr. James Shepherd, Dr. John Webb, Dr. Richard Pearce, and Administrator – Kenneth Poteete. Through each new member and each new facility, Georgetown Hospital remained constant in its commitment to this community.

In the early 1970′s, this group of Doctors and Mr. Poteete outlined goals for the future of healthcare in Georgetown with three fundamental objectives: “to provide quality care, within our means, and with no tax base.” That vision began to come into focus with the donation of six acres along the San Gabriel River for the new home of the Georgetown Hospital. It became reality in 1979 with the completion of the 60-bed acute care facility that later expanded into a 122-bed facility.

By 1987, the community and its healthcare needs continued to grow, and the hospital became the central facility of the newly formed Georgetown Healthcare System. The new system allowed for the expansion of the vision outside traditional healthcare boundaries, to best serve the residents of Georgetown and Williamson County.

Most recently, the Georgetown Healthcare System partnered with St. David’s Healthcare, and we are thankful to say that relationship truly is a partnership. Georgetown Healthcare System still has a vested interest and a voice in the system’s management, and St. David’s history and success helps ensure we can continue to serve the healthcare needs of our community.

Through this partnership, the Georgetown Healthcare System has evolved yet again with the creation of Georgetown Health Foundation. In this innovative model, revenues from foundation activities go directly towards helping the people of Georgetown and Williamson County.

From our humble beginnings to now, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to promoting quality, accessible healthcare for all people in the Georgetown area. Through the dedication of our members and the collaboration of our community partners, we now turn that vision toward the future.

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