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Office of Diversity Education

Diversity, Education, Advocacy and Social Justice!

The Office of Diversity Education at Southwestern University works to promote diversity and social justice initiatives on campus.    The ODE also provides resources and supports the continued development of a positive campus climate.

The Office of Diversity Education offers:

  • Support for underrepresented students and cultural and identity based student organizations.
  • Workshops on diversity and social justice topics for the Southwestern University community.
  • Events and programs to promote awareness about diversity and social justice.
  • Resources through the Cross Cultural Center including a resource library, study groups and a place to relax and study.
  • Networking and outreach opportunities for faculty, staff and students.
  • Diversity Enrichment Committee Funding for programs and events.
  • Diversity Trainings and Workshops
  • Safe Zone Training
  • Retention Initiatives for Students
  • Leadership Development for Students
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Community Service Projects

The Office of Diversity Education offers a variety of social justice and diversity workshops including the following:   Welcoming Workshop, Stereotypes Workshop, Diversity Circles and Leadership Diversity Workshops.  The ODE will create workshops tailored to your specific needs and interests.   To request a workshop, please contact Terri Johnson, Assistant Dean for Student Multicultural Affairs at or at 863-1342.

The Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice, The office of Diversity Education and the Diversity Enrichment Committee sponsor an Annual Diversity Training Retreat for students.

The ODE serves as advisor and provides support for the Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice which includes six cultural/identity based groups within the coalition:  SU Allies,E.B.O.N.Y., Kappa Delta Chi, Latinos Unidos, SU Native and Pan Asian Association.

The Cross Cultural Center is located in 236 Prothro.

Diversity Resource Manual

Student Auburney Jackson, as an academic intern for the Office of Diversity Education, created a Diversity Student Resource Manual to help incoming students find spaces and resources they need in the local area. Feel free to check it out here and stay tuned for an extended version!

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