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Sprog Day: Next Steps

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What’s a Sprog? A Sprog is a pirate-in-training—one still getting his or her sea legs, if you will. To help you have the best Sprog Day possible, make sure you check-off everything on the list below.

Required for Sprog Day


  • This is the first step you must take before registering for classes at Sprog Day. Taking this exam does not mean that you will have to select a foreign language class for your first semester, however, it is a required step to take before you register. Your fall course registration cannot be completed until you have done so.
  • All students who plan to continue a language previously studied, who are not transferring credit from another institution, must go to the Modern Languages Web Page to take your Language Placement Exam at least one week prior to your Sprog Day event.
  • All students must take 4 semesters of a foreign language as part of Southwestern’s General Education requirements. This exam will help us place you in the appropriate class.
  • The password for the exams can be found within the instructions on this webpage, so please read carefully.
  • You will need to enter your full first and last names to take the exam.
  • You will not need a student ID number and should leave that field blank.
  • Note: Students taking the Latin exam must read the instruction specific to that exam.


  • One of the most exciting parts of Sprog Day is selecting a First-Year Seminar, which is associated with a specific residence hall option (see below). Before you arrive on campus, browse the list of available seminars and create a short list of your top FYS options. 
  • You register for an FYS course at the same time you register for your other courses. Following registration, you may not change your FYS selection.
  • As you consider the FYS choices, you will also want to think about your residential experience because your housing assignment is determined by your FYS choice. Mabee Hall and Brown-Cody Hall are both coed residence halls. The gender-specific first-year halls are Kurth Hall for women and Ruter Hall for men. You will live in the same residence hall for your entire first year. You can learn more about all of Southwestern’s residence halls by visiting the Residence Life website.


  • Before you arrive on campus, browse the list of available Advanced-Entry Seminar options.
  • You register for an AES course at the same time you register for your other courses. Following registration, you may not change your AES selection.

Strongly Encouraged for Sprog Day


  • Please be sure to turn in the required health forms during your Sprog Day visit.
  • A hardcopy can be found in the Deposit Packet that was mailed to your house or you can print out the Health Record PDF online.
  • Our Health Center will have a table set up in the Prothro Center Atrium starting at 10:30 am, where you can turn in these forms and get your questions answered.


  • Every student bringing a vehicle to campus must fill out a Motor Vehicle Registration/Parking Permit card. 
  • The fee associated with a motor vehicle registration is $100 per semester.
  • If you are planning to have a car on campus, please bring the appropriate vehicle information with you, so you can complete the necessary paperwork for your campus parking sticker. View this sample card for the required information.
  • Students not bringing a car to campus must fill out a parking permit waiver form, which will be available at the Sprog Day event.
  • All forms will be available in the Smith Library Center starting at 10:30 am.

Please note: Sprog Day events are not required for all new students. During Orientation Week, students will have the opportunity to meet with an academic adviser, discuss their schedule and degree plans, and make any needed changes to their Fall schedule at that time.

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