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Government Health Care in America and its Effect on Texas

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Spencer Harris, a health care policy analyst at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, speaks on March 23

Health care is a contentious and divisive issue in America. What is health care and what has been the role of government in health care? What changes will ObamaCare bring? And most importantly, what are the impacts on Texans?

Our speaker, Mr. Spencer Harris, a health care policy analyst at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, will lecture on this important topic.

We invite ALL members of the Southwestern student body, faculty and staff to bring open minds…and plenty of questions!

Mr. Harris will bring a multifaceted approach to discussing this topic; historically, politically, strategically. We hope you will join us Wednesday March 23rd from 4:30-5:30pm in Olin 110.

Whether or not you can make the talk, feel free to post your questions on the Facebook event page ( or e-mail them to us at