First Thursday

Each month during the academic year, the Smith Library Center and the Office of the Dean of Faculty host First Thursday gatherings that recognize and celebrate the professional achievements of faculty and staff colleagues across campus.  At each event, several colleagues talk briefly about a recent professional achievement such as a book or article that has been published; a concert, a performance, or a juried exhibition in which they participated; or a grant they received.

The First Thursday receptions are held in the Periodicals Reading Room at 4pm, therefore access to portions of the periodicals collection will be limited during these times. This event is for SU faculty and staff only. 

April 7, 2016

Reggie Byron, Associate Professor of Sociology

Byron, Reginald A. “Discriminatory Race and Gender Termination from Low Wage Work” American Sociological Association’s Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline Grant

Reggie Byron, Associate Professor of Sociology and Maria Lowe, Professor of Sociology

Byron, Reginald A., Maria R. Lowe, Brianna Billingsley (SU Student), and Nathan Tuttle (SU Student). “Performativity Double Standards and the Sexual Orientation Climate at a Southern Liberal Arts University.” Journal of Homosexuality

Jacob Schrum, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

“Constructing Game Agents Through Simulated Evolution” published in the Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games, which is a living encyclopedia that can be maintained and updated to avoid becoming obsolete.  (

“Solving Multiple Isolated, Interleaved, and Blended Tasks through Modular Neuroevolution,” accepted to the Evolutionary Computation Journal ( Additionally, he has had a poster, “Automatic Evolution of Multimodal Behavior with Multi-Brain HyperNEAT,” accepted at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, to occur July 2016 in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, his previously accepted article, “Discovering Multimodal Behavior in Ms. Pac-Man through Evolution of Modular Neural Networks,” has finally appeared in print in the IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games (

Josh Long – Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Long, Byrne, Loren. (2016). “Helping Students Envision Environmental Justice in the Sustainable City.” Chapter 30 (p. 227-232) in Byrne, Loren (Ed.) Learner-centered Teaching Activities for Environmental and Sustainability Studies. New York: Springer International Publishing.

 Jason W. Dean, Director of Special Collections and Archives

Published an invited reflection on his work in the position of Director of Special Collections and Archives for the most recent issue of “Archive Journal.”

Alisa Gaunder

“Women in the 2014 Lower House Election” published in Japan Decides 2014: The Japanese General Election (Palgrave 2016). This volume was edited by Robert J. Pekkanen, Steven R. Reed, and Ethan Scheiner; and focused on the December 2014 election to the lower house of the Japanese Diet.