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I can't get my Smart Phone to send messages.

Please enter the following in your phone's outgoing mail settings: 

  • Outgoing Mail Server will be:
  • requires authentication.  The image below provides an example of the information that must be provided for off site authentication.
  • Server name:
  • Port:  587
  • Security and Authentication, [check] Use name and password, User Name:  [enter your SUeID
  • Use secure connection:  [select] TLS, if available

If you have a Smart phone that does not have a field to enter the 587 port required to use  Enter the following for the outgoing server name: to force it to use the correct port.

Also if you are connected to su-public wireless while on campus you will not be able to use Southwestern's Outgoing mail server, you must sign on to su-pirate in order to send messages from Southwestern's Outgoing mail server. 

KNOWN ISSUES:  Android OS 2.1 and 2.2, Southwestern Mail server does not work as the outgoing mail server.  One of two things as a work around.  I have a Android 2.1 that I set up as my outgoing mail server my gmail account outgoing. and used my gmail user name and password.  This way I can use Southwestern as my incoming server and get SU email however if I need to send something I used gmail to send out. 
Option 2 is to download and use K-9 Mail for Android from the Market, this solves the outgoing mail server problem however I have found that K-9 drains my battery very quickly.