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How to Login Into Lab and Classroom Macintosh Computers

In labs, classrooms and other areas outside of faculty and staff offices, you will need to log on to the Macintosh computer with your SUeID before you will be able to use the computer. If the computer is on but the window waiting for login information is not showing it may mean that the previous person did not log off. To log off, choose Log Out from the Apple menu. When the login window appears, enter your SUeID and your password and click on the Login button. Remember, that the password is case, and spelling, sensitive!

Once logged in, you will see the computer’s desktop, the Dock and the icon for the computer’s hard drive. In the Dock are shortcuts to all the software available for use on campus. To go directly to your network file storage space, you may:

  • Open the hard drive icon and click on the Home icon in the window’s menu bar; or
  • Click on the Go menu in the menu bar and select Home.

    Once your home folder opens, you will be able to drag files into and out of it as needed.

    When you are finished working on the computer, click on the Apple Menu (Blue apple in the upper left corner of the screen) and select Log Out. Failure to do so renders your network file storage accessible to the next person sitting in front of that computer.

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