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How to Keep Your Macintosh System Software Up-to-Date

In order to keep your Mac running in pristine condition, you should update your OS X system files. This is especially important for security, as many operating system “holes” are “plugged” by the OS X critical updates and patches. You can also set your system to automatically update once a week.

To update your OS X Mac, follow the steps below:
1. Click on the blue Apple logo in the top left corner of your desktop.
2. Click on System Preferences.
3. On the row labeled System, click on the Software Update icon.
4. If the Automatically check for updates� option is not checked, do so now. Then select the Weekly option.
5. Click on the Check Now button.
6. A new window will appear with all the available updates for your system. You should only be concerned with the System or Security updates. If these are not already checked, click on the small box to the left of each of these. Updates for applications should also be selected. If you are unsure, select everything listed.
7. Click on the Install button.
8. Enter your User name and administrator password. If you do not know your administrator password, please call the Helpdesk at ext 7333.
9. A progress bar will display the download and installation progress.
10. Once completed, you may need to restart your Macintosh. Click on the Restart button when prompted.
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