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How do I edit a PDF document if I don't have Acrobat Professional?

If the PDF was created as a form you can edit it in ‘Preview on a Mac or with Adobe Reader on a Mac or Windows. In Preview on a Mac, open the application folder, double click on Preview, open the PDF form, choose Text Tool from the Tools menu. Then click a field and type in your info. If the field doesn’t highlight in blue, the PDF isn’t a form that you can fill out.


If you need to edit PDF’s that are not forms you might try this free method.

OpenOffice 3 is an open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more... Essentially the same features and more as Microsoft Office. Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office files can be opened and saved as Microsoft Office documents. You can download OpenOffice for Mac, Windows and Linux from

In OpenOffice 3, a PDF Import Extension allows your to modifying PDF files. With this extension installed, PDF documents will be imported in Draw and Impress, preserving the layout of the original PDF file and allowing basic editing.

How To Edit PDF Files With OpenOffice

  • Download and install OpenOffice 3 -
  • Download and install the Sun PDF Import Extension. To install an extension to the OpenOffice, open one of the OpenOffice applications such as the Writer, go to Tools > Extension Manager, and use the Add... button to add the extension.
  • After installing the Sun PDF Import Extension whenever you open a PDF document in OpenOffice, the program will automatically import and open the PDF document in Draw (one of the OpenOffice applications).
  • Edit the PDF document with the various tools.
  • When all of your edits are completed, choose Export PDF... from the File menu to save as a PDF document.

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