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Printing double-sided on a Mac

To setup your printer for double-sided printing, first select the Layout option from the Print dialog.  Then, choose Long-Edge binding from the Two-Sided menu. This will enable double-sided printing for this print job only.

Choose Long-Edge Binding

To save this as your default setting, you need to create a print options preset. From the Preset menu, choose "Save as..."

Choose 'Save As...' from the Presets menu

Give a name to your new print options preset, for example, “Double Sided.” Then, click OK. This will save all of your currently selected print options as a preset.

Name your new preset, e.g., Double Sided

Finally, select your new preset from the Preset menu. After printing with this duplex printing preset, it will become the default preset.

Choose your new preset from the Presets menu
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