Library Spaces

The SLC has two special purpose rooms, several meeting rooms, and Research Study Rooms.


Special Purpose Rooms  

The two special purpose rooms are the Media Library and the Graphics Lab.

  • The Media Library (SLC 207) is where patrons can watch videotapes, or listen to CDs, LPs and audio casettes.
  • The Graphics Lab (SLC 225) is furnished with equipment and materials for the production of graphic displays.


Meeting Rooms  

Rooms that can be reserved include the Prothro Room, the Tech Center, and various study rooms.

  • The Prothro Room (SLC 205), located on the second floor of the SLC, seats up to 45 people. It can be reserved for meetings, lectures or classes.
  • The Technology Center (SLC 202 & 204) can either be divided into two separate rooms or combined into one big room. Each separate room is effectively a 10 seat computer lab with projection and other audiovisual capabilities.
  • There are 2 size study rooms. SLC 223 & 323 can hold 16 people. SLC 221, 222, 321, 322, and 324 can hold 4-6 people. They can be reserved by completing an online event request.