The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

About Us

The Association of Southwestern University Alumni consists of more than 13,000 members with approximately 78% living in Texas, 21% living out-of-state and 1% living internationally.

The Association is not a dues paying organization. Southwestern alumni are members by virtue of having completed at least 24 credits at Southwestern University.


A lifelong Southwestern Experience.


To be a community that fosters a lifelong Southwestern Experience by: spanning generations and geographies, connecting ideas and individuals, inspiring learning and service, inviting diverse perspectives and strengthening loyalties so that the Association becomes vital in the lives of alumni and their University.

The Alumni Assembly

"The Assembly shall be a body that represents the alumni constituency. The Assembly shall have a President, a President-Elect, a Program Chair and a Program Chair-Elect. It shall include these officers and other members as provided in the Bylaws." ~ Constitution of The Association of Southwestern University Alumni, Section 2, Article II.

The Alumni Council

These 15 members of the Alumni Council are elected to coordinate activities of The Association and unite the alumni base. Learn more about the Alumni Council.

Alumni Award Nominations

The Association of Southwestern University Alumni will accept online nominations for the 2014 Alumni Awards Presentation in the weeks ahead. We are proud to honor all award recipients from years past.

Alumni Survey Executive Summary

Alumni (graduates and non-graduates) were asked by email, social media and within Southwestern, the University magazine, to complete a 16-question survey between May 14 and June 30, 2013. The survey served three central purposes:

  1. To determine alumni interest in Association-sponsored and other Southwestern University events;
  2. To clarify alumni preferences in Association communication efforts; and
  3. To gauge alumni interest in volunteer opportunities.