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Sociology & Anthropology

Southwestern’s Sociology and Anthropology Department offerings encourage awareness and understanding of human diversity and cultural variation both locally and globally.

Why study with us?

  • A Diverse Faculty and Curriculum.  Our sociology and anthropology professors have diverse personal backgrounds and interests.  Our teaching and research interests include:  the experiences of African Americans and pregnant women in the workplace; anthropology of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands; educational experiences of first-generation Latina/os; environment, nature and race in Belize; racial dynamics in neighborhood listserves; and changes in university curricula linked to the new MCAT.
  • Develop Research Skills.  Our students learn research skills that employers value by working on research projects in classes, collaborating on research with faculty, working on summer research projects and developing their own original research projects.  Students have the opportunity to learn ethnographic methods, survey methods, in-depth interview techniques, content analysis and quantitative analysis of existing data.  A growing number of students publish their original research and co-author scholarly articles with faculty members.
  • Award-Winning Student Research.    In the past 8 years, our students have won a regional anthropology paper competition 2 times, a regional sociology paper competition 6 times, and placed in the top five in a national sociology paper competition 5 times (see a list of award winners here).  No other US liberal arts university can match this record.
  • Position Yourself for Post-Graduate and Professional School.  Sociology and anthropology majors  develop competitive applications and are admitted to prestigious graduate programs in anthropology, sociology, law, medicine, social work, urban planning, nonprofit administration, and justice studies.
  • Prepare for a Wide Variety of Careers.  After graduation, sociology and anthropology graduates become writers, teachers, counselors, social workers, administrators, lawyers, medical doctors, ministers, CEOs, photographers, and curators.  You can see a partial list here.
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Department News

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    You are invited to the Fall 2015 Sociology Capstone Presentations

    Each presentation will last approximately 15 minutes followed by a 5-minute question and answer period. 

    Tues, December 1st 4:00-6:20, Prothro Room, Second Floor, Smith Library Center

    4:00-4:20  Shelby Alvarez - “We’re Just a Drop in the Bucket”:  The Experiences of Student-Parents at Southwestern University

    4:20-4:40 Monica Miller - “I’ll Be Honest, These Are Not Bad Kids”: Judges’ Perceptions of Juvenile Rehabilitation Through Teen Court

    4:40-5:00 Marta Selby - “All You Need are Shoes, Shorts, and a Shirt”: Women’s Experiences in Youth Running

    5:00-5:20 Bethany Lewis-”That’s the Spark I Want to See”: Mentorship and Empowerment of Girls in STEM

    5:20-5:40 John Semlitsch - Creating an “Egalitarian” Privileged Space: Displaying Works by Artists of Color in the Modern Art Museum

    5:40-6:00 Mitch Petersen - Fraternities, Campus Hegemony, and Safe Space Reconfiguration

    6:00-6:15 Question and answer session with panelists and audience


    Wed, Dec 2nd 4:30-6:45 Prothro Room, Second Floor, Smith Library Center

    4:30-4:50 Jennifer Breaux - “More Than the Label: Understanding and Performing of Identity by Gay and Lesbian Students at Southwestern University”

    4:50-5:10 Kaitlin Vincent - “‘You’re Our Face, Our Profit’: Gender Discrimination Against Female Bartenders in the Service Industry and Overall Bar Climate”

    5:10-5:30 Guillermo Alvarado - “‘That Gay Gangsta Shit’: Identity Construction and Community Membership in Queer Rappers’ Musical Careers”

    5:30-5:50 Claire Blyth - “I’m All About Girl Gangs”: Sorority Women’s Perceptions of Rape Culture on a Small Liberal Arts Campus

    5:50-6:10 Sophie Strang “ In Search of Individuality and Community: The Nontraditional Business Culture of Silicon Valley Startups ”

    6:10-6:30 Daryan Green “‘It is a festival first’: Organizers and the Apolitical Collective Identity of Austin Music Festivals”

    6:30-6:45 Question and answer session with panelists and audience

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    Dr. Brenda Sendejo has been at Southwestern five years, and in that time, she has made an important impact as a teacher-scholar and a university citizen.  

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    As millions of “Doctor Who” fans anxiously await the Season 9 premiere, some Southwestern students are diving into the show right now.

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