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Our Faculty

Our Religion faculty spans a broad scope of experience and focus, counting among its ranks authors of books on topics ranging from feminist theory to Hindu goddess worship to the role of animals in the Christian tradition.

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  • Professor of Religion
    (512) 863-1963
    Kyle E. White 101
    Specialty: Hinduism; Feminism and Religion; Tamil literature; Religion and the Body
  • Laura Hobgood

    Professor of Religion
    (512) 863-1669
    Kyle E. White 105
  • Assistant Professor of Religion
    (512) 863-1797
    Kyle E. White 107
  • Banafsheh Madaninejad

    Part-Time Assistant Professor of Religion
    (512) 863-1663
    Kyle E. White 108
  • Associate Professor of Religion
    (512) 863-1964
    Kyle E. White 111
    Specialty: I am a specialist in Native American religious studies, and am particularly interested in narrative/folklore, issues of identity, and the active role of land and landscape in native religious activity.  I also teach courses that look at Rastafari, Vodun, Santeria, and the Virgin of Guadalupe, among other indigenous traditions.  I cross-list courses with Environmental Studies and Feminist Studies, and participate in the Race and Ethnic Studies minor as well.