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Recommended Courses

The following is a recommended list of courses to follow toward achieving a major in Physics. Students should consult with their academic advisers to determine the best course choices within their individual degree plan.

First Year Fall Semester

05-012 First-Year Colloquium 

10-013 English Composition

52-153 Calculus I

51-153,151 Chemical Concepts & Props. I

53-154 Fundamentals of Physics I

First Year Spring Semester

52-163 Calculus II

51-163,161 Chemical Concepts & Props. II

53-164 Fundamentals of Physics II 

xx-013 Language 

Perspectives on Knowledge- Group B

Sophomore Fall Semester

xx-023 Language 

53-304 Electronics, Physics
52-753 Differential Equations I, Math

19-xx3 Group C Perspectives on Knowledge 

54-143 Introduction to Programming 

Sophomore Spring Semester

xx-113 Language

53-314 Elementary Modern Physics, Physics 

52-763 Differential Eqquations II, Math 

xx-xx3 Group G Perspectives on Knowledge 

52-823 Calculus III, Math 

1 hour FRA

Junior Fall Semester

xx-123 Language

52-163 Linear Alg., Math 

52-573 Probability, Math

53-324 Electromagnetism I, Physics 

51-713,711 Physical Chem. I, Chemistry 

Junior Spring Semester

xx-xx3 Group A Perspectives on Knowledge 

xx-xx3 Group F Perspectives on Knowledge 

52-863 Complex Analysis, Math

53-334 Classical Mechanics I, Physics

51-723,721 Physical Chemistry II, Chemistry

Senior Fall Semester

53-413 Classical Mechanics II, Physics 

53-403 Advanced Electromagnetism II, Physics 

50-102 Cell and Molecular Biology 

50-112 Biological Diversity and Interaction 

18-xx3 Group D Perspectives on Knowledge

xx-xx3 Group G Perspectives on Knowledge 

Senior Spring Semester

50-122 Heredity, Development and Population 

50-132 Life Processes

53-423 Quantum Physics I, Physics 

xx-xx3 Group F Perspectives on Knowledge

xx-xx3 Free elective 

53-953 Independent Study in Physics 

1 hour FRA