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HHMI-Southwestern Inquiry Initiative supports the SCOPE (Summer Collaborative Opportunities) research program for Southwestern students. SCOPE Scholars spend eight weeks conducting full-time research alongside Southwestern faculty mentors. SCOPErs receive complimentary housing on campus and take part in weekly gatherings that bring professors and students together. After the program has ended, SCOPErs prepare research posters to present their work, and all research teams are eligible for student travel funds to travel to a regional or national conference.

SCOPE 2014 Program Details

The SCOPE program will begin tentatively on May 12th, depending on your faculty mentor’s schedule. Research will end eight weeks from your particular start date.


Your faculty research mentors will need you to work full time! Please do not plan to have other jobs or to take classes during SCOPE.

You will be expected to present your research findings at the Science Research Open House and Homecoming Research Open House in the fall 2015 semester.

Some research mentors will expect you to continue your research into the Fall semester following SCOPE. Check with professors you are wanting to do research with if they want you to continue research into the fall. Applicants interested in conducting chemistry research should expect to do research in the Fall.

The Inquiry Initiative is dedicated to equal opportunity and creating an inclusive learning environment in the math and science programs at Southwestern. We strongly encourage applications from students who are traditionally underrepresented in the sciences and welcome participants from diverse racial, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds.