Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

Feminist Studies

Our Faculty

Core Faculty

  • Professor of Feminist Studies
    (512) 863-1417
    Mood-Bridwell 314
    Specialty: Disability Studies, Feminist and Queer Theory, Activism

FST Committee (2011-2012)

  • Professor of Religion
    (512) 863-1963
    Kyle E. White 101
    Specialty: Hinduism; Feminism and Religion; Tamil literature; Religion and the Body
  • Professor of Feminist Studies
    (512) 863-1417
    Mood-Bridwell 314
    Specialty: Disability Studies, Feminist and Queer Theory, Activism
  • Professor of English and Holder of McManis University Chair
    (512) 863-1492
    Mood-Bridwell 207
    Specialty: Contemporary Literature, Jewish Cultural Studies, Feminist Theory, Gothic Studies

Other Faculty

FST faculty regularly teach courses cross-listed with FST and/or are engaged in and supportive of research in Feminist Studies. Students interested in connections between FST and other academic disciplines are encouraged to contact the affiliated faculty in those departments.

  • Associate Professor of German
    (512) 863-1739
    Olin 319
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy
    (512) 863-1131
    Kyle E. White 103
    Specialty: Political Philosophy; Critical Theory
  • Professor of English
    (512) 863-1982
    Mood-Bridwell 211
    Specialty: Victorian literature and culture, the novel, film studies, feminist studies.
  • Professor of Anthropology
    (512) 863-1406
    Mood-Bridwell 310
    Specialty: Topical: Nature, the non-human and the human; Environment; Conservation; Development; Race and Racism; Social Theory; Environmental History; Tourism; Gender. Area: Belize; Caribbean; U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Central Texas
  • Professor of Theatre
    (512) 863-1368
    Fine Arts 306
    Specialty: Movement and Alexander TechniqueBrown Distinguished Teaching Professor 2001-2004
  • Professor of Sociology and University Scholar
    (512) 863-n/a
    n/a n/a
    Specialty: Social Change and Families; Gender; The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Historical Demography/Mortality Change
  • Professor of Sociology
    (512) 863-1936
    Mood-Bridwell 317
    Specialty: Race relations and racism, gender construction and performance, surveillance studies, campus climate research (race, gender, and sexual orientation), the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, social movements and activism
  • Associate Professor of Political Science
    (512) 863-1407
    Mood-Bridwell 243
  • Professor of History
    (512) 863-1414
    Mood-Bridwell 215
    Specialty: African history (particularly South Africa), colonialism, apartheid, and legal history.
  • Associate Professor of Sociology
    (512) 863-1412
    Mood-Bridwell 308
    Specialty: Children and youth; social class; volunteer work and civic engagement; qualitative methods
  • Associate Professor of French
    (512) 863-1597
    Olin 315
    Specialty: All levels of French language, literature and culture. French feminisms; poetry; novels; music; film; translation. Interdisciplinary coursework including through International Studies and the Paideia program.
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy
    (512) 863-1749
    Kyle E. White 113
    Specialty: Latin American Philosophy, Decolonial Philosophy, Race and Ethnicity, Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology
    (512) 863-1409
    Mood-Bridwell 309
    Specialty: Anthropology of religion, Mexican American spiritualities and indigenous heritage, gender and racialization, and Chicana feminisms. Geographic specialization: U.S. - Mexico Borderlands, Central and South Texas.
  • Professor of Art History
    (512) 863-1349
    Fine Arts 232
    Specialty: Kim Smith's research focuses on the art of central Europe from the first decades of the 20th century, the intellectual history of art history, and feminism and art history.