Art & Art History

Thomas Howe

Professor of Art History


MA, PhD, Harvard University 1985
MArch Program, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design 1973
B.A., Lawrence University 1971


Herman Brown Professor; Chair, Art History, Department of Art and Art History
Southwestern University
September 01, 1985 - present

Teaching Philosophy

"I explain things until I understand them myself, and then listen to the student's understanding of them, and then go from there. It's up to students what I do next."

Previous Courses

Current Repertoire: Art History:
World Architecture
Modern Architecture, 1750 to present
Hellenistic and Roman Art

Architectural Studio:
Studio I: introduction to programmatic design (house design)
Studio II: historical design (Greek, Neoclassical, Baroque, Gothic and F.L. Wright)
Studio III: Design to Modern Structures (concrete, steel frame, tensile)