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Environmental Studies


The Environmental Studies faculty represents a wide range of disciplines on campus.

Faculty members are consistently engaged in research, service and activism, often conducting their work across diverse areas of study that include U.S. environmental history; conservation and development in Central America; the place of non-human animals in religious traditions; environmental chemistry; the impact of invasive species; and the role of conventional economic texts in promoting values that are harmful to the environment

Environmental Studies Scholars

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    Dr. Hobgood-Oster pondering the intricate relationship between humans and other animals.
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    Dr. Burks’ research includes a focus on aquatic ecology and invasion biology.

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    Interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainability.
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    Dr. Taub’s environmental research in the effects that rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have on plant physiology, growth and chemistry.
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    Dr. Johnson’s environmental research in socionature-scape in Central Belize


  • Professor of Physics
    (512) 863-1633
    Fondren-Jones 150
  • Associate Professor of German
    (512) 863-1739
    Olin 319
  • Professor of Biology
    (512) 863-1280
    Fondren-Jones 141
    Specialty: Aquatic ecology, wetland science, apple snails, invertebrate biology
  • Part-time Assistant Professor of Physics
    (512) 863-1130
    Fondren-Jones 128
  • Assistant Professor of Economics
    (512) 863-1824
    Mood-Bridwell 336
  • Associate Professor of Art History
    (512) 863-1664
    Fine Arts 233
    Specialty: Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin America
  • Assistant Professor of Religion
    (512) 863-1797
    Kyle E. White 107
    Specialty: Feminist and Ecological Ethics; Borderlands Religious Identities and Ethics; Food and Agriculture in Jewish and Christian Traditions; Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Sense Perception; Ethics and Immigration
  • Professor of Anthropology
    (512) 863-1406
    Mood-Bridwell 310
    Specialty: Topical:Environment; Conservation; Development; Race and Racism; Social Theory;Environmental History; Tourism; Gender.Area: Belize; Caribbean;U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Central Texas
  • Associate Professor of Feminist Studies
    (512) 863-1417
    Mood-Bridwell 314
    Specialty: Disability Studies, Feminist and Queer Theory, Activism
  • Professor of Sociology and University Scholar
    (512) 863-1967
    Mood-Bridwell 315
    Specialty: Social Change and Families; Gender; The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Historical Demography/Mortality Change
  • Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
    (512) 863-1493
    Mood-Bridwell 115
    Specialty:  Urban Studies Environmental Politics and PolicySustainable Food and AgricultureSpatial Theory and Place-Based StudiesSustainability Discourses 
  • Associate Professor of Religion
    (512) 863-1964
    Kyle E. White 111
    Specialty: I am a specialist in Native American religious studies, and am particularly interested in narrative/folklore, issues of identity, and the active role of land and landscape in native religious activity.  I also teach courses that look at Rastafari, Vodun, Santeria, and the Virgin of Guadalupe, among other indigenous traditions.  I cross-list courses with Environmental Studies and Feminist Studies, and participate in the Race and Ethnic Studies minor as well.
  • Professor of Economics
    (512) 863-1591
    Mood-Bridwell 341
  • Bill O'Brien

    Associate Professor of Physics
    (512) 863-1632
    Fondren-Jones 124
  • Professor of Theatre
    (512) 863-1364
    Fine Arts 115
    Specialty: Resident Lighting/Sound Designer, Production Stage Management teacher/advisor and Director of Technical Operations
  • Associate Professor of Communication Studies
    (512) 863-1061
    Olin 120
    Specialty: Rhetorical theory and criticism, feminist movements, third wave feminism, environmental rhetoric, Kenneth Burke.
  • Professor of Kinesiology
    (512) 863-1210
    Robertson Center 221
  • Instructor of Environmental Studies and GIS Lab Mgr
    (512) 863-1646
    Mood-Bridwell 121
    Specialty: GIScience, Neogeography, Geomorphometry, LiDAR, Remote Sensing, Ecological Modeling, Hydrology, Water Resources, Sustainability Science, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development
  • Kathryn Stallard

    Director of Special Collections & Archives
    (512) 863-1221
    Smith Library 241
  • Professor of Biology
    (512) 863-1583
    Fondren-Jones 140
    Specialty: I am a Plant Ecological Physiologist focusing on the responses of plants to environmental change