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Financial Analyst

The Analysts

Chase Eastland - Portfolio Manager

Business Major

The Portfolio Manager attempts to reduce the risk of the portfolio through the diversification of securities. The Portfolio Manager ensures that stocks add diversity to the fund by either adding exposure to new industries or by trying to lower the overall beta of the fund.





Economics Major

The duties of the Economist include monitoring macroeconomic reports, and reporting any changes in the U.S. economy. Also, the Economist should follow general predictions for the U.S. economy and keep the Financial Analyst Program updated on Federal actions.



Business & Mathematics Major

The Accountant maintains updated monthly records/spreadsheets of the portfolio standing. Each month, upon receiving the monthly statement, the Accountant must update the spreadsheet for purchases and sales that have occurred in that month, while accounting for interest, commissions, etc.



Egan Cornachione - Market Technician

Economics Major

The duties of the Market Technician include the study of current and past performances of major market indicators and portfolio holdings, and to forecast future price direction. The technician is also responsible for the timing of purchases and sells in correlation to what he forecasts and keeping other members of the Financial Analyst Program aware of current market trends.



Derek SU - Trader

Accounting Major

The primary responsibility of the Trader is to act as a liaison between the Financial Analyst Program and the Business Office. The Trader secures transaction authorizations and turns them into the Business Office. The Trader must also keep track of buy/sell points assigned to each stock and make sure those trades happen in an appropriate amount of time.



Ben Gil - Statistician

Finance Major

The Statistician analyzes the statistical information within the research databases. The Statistican must inform the group of any fluctuations in their statistical analysis on a monthly basis.





Hayden Deborah- Secretary

Economics Major

The Secretary takes minutes during our weekly meetings. Other duties for the Secretary include e-mailing out the weekly minutes and being responsible for any written communications to the SU faculty, staff, and the public. 




Allison Schmitt- Public Relations&webmaster

Business & Computational Mathematics Major

The Webmaster maintains the program website and updates changing information to be made available to site visitors. The Public Relations individual heads the FAP recruitment in the spring and communicates with faculty to introduce FAP to their students.