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Our Faculty

The following is a list of faculty members within the Classics Program. Click on a name to learn more about each member’s educational background and research interests.

  • Professor of Classics
    (512) 863-1554
    Mood-Bridwell 223
    Specialty: Greek and Latin language and literature; Aegean Bronze Age archaeology
  • Professor of Philosophy
    (512) 863-1882
    Kyle E. White 112
    Specialty: Research: Critical Media Studies: Ancient Greek philosophyTeaching: Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Literature, Philosophy of Science
  • Professor of Art History
    (512) 863-1376
    Fine Arts 243
    Specialty: Architectural History (Greek and Roman, Modern), Art History (Greek and Roman), Architectural Design (introductory, structural and historical design), classical archaeology, international cultural properties management.               
  • Professor of Art History
    (512) 863-1349
    Fine Arts 232


Rome, Forum Romanum