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Course Rotation

Classics, Latin, and Greek Courses normally are offered according to the following rotation (subject to change due to staffing, etc.):


07-114 (also Art History 71-114), World Architecture. Fall 2014

07-204 (also English 10-204 and Religion 19-504), Greek and Roman Mythology. Fall 2014

07-314 (also History 16-314), Greek Civilization.

07-324 (also History 16-324), Roman Civilization.

07-334 (also Philosophy 18-614), History of Western Philosophy: Ancient. Fall 2015

07-354 (also Art History 71-444), Hellenistic Art. Fall 2014, Fall 2015.


14-014, Latin I. Yearly, fall.

14-024, Latin II. Yearly, spring.

14-114, Latin III. Yearly, fall.

14-124, Latin IV. Yearly, spring.

14-upper level. Yearly, both semesters.


13-014, Greek I. Yearly, fall.

13-024, Greek II. Yearly, spring.

13-114, Greek III. Yearly, fall.

13-124, Greek IV. Yearly, spring.

13-upper level. Yearly, both semesters.