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    An update from Dr. Howe in Italy! Sharing a post from Italian politician Antimo Cesare- Google translation: “ROME. At my office to MiBACT I had the pleasure of meeting with Daniel Berger , Minister Counsellor , prof. Francesco Pedrielli , professor at the University of Ferrara , prof . Thomas Noble Howe and Dr. Lina Sorrentino , respectively general and head of the marketing coordinator of the Foundation Restoring Ancient Stabiae ( RAS ) , created to foster the creation of the largest of Stabiae Antica Archaeological Park . The Foundation was established in 2002 in Washington , D.C. by the University of Maryland . Since 2006 , in partnership with the Superintendent , excavation and restoration projects at the archaeological site of Stabiae . An excellent example of international collaboration between universities , institutions and Italian-American cultural world . # lavoriamodicultura”

    Hit like! (Which, on Italian Facebook, is Mi Piace!) Ciao!
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    July 13, 2016 at 9:23 am