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Business Office

How to Make a Purchase of Goods or Services

  • Southwestern operates a decentralized purchasing operation; departments are allowed to purchase goods without utilizing a prescribed vendor list.
  • Since Southwestern is a non-profit educational institution, the University is exempt from state sales tax. The Business Office will issue a tax exempt certificate for vendors as needed.
  • The Business Office Purchasing Department will assist with any purchasing questions and will provide information on vendor contacts that Southwestern has negotiated special pricing or discounts and has used in the past.
  • In order to receive the procured goods, the vendor will need accurate address information for delivery (including Building and Room Number). Since, there is not a central receiving area, all goods should be shipped to the department who is purchasing the items.
  • The billing address should be to the post office box address (P.O. Box 770, Georgetown, TX 78627) and to the attention of the Business Office.
  • Once the Business Office receives the invoice from the vendor, the invoice will be forwarded to the appropriate department for approval.
  • The department should verify the receipt and condition of goods. The department should contact the vendor directly to resolve orders that are not satisfactory.
  • The Budget Officer must approve and sign the invoice. and include the account number to be charged. The invoice with a check requisition (if needed) should then be sent to the Business Office.
  • The Business Office generates vendor payments on a weekly basis.
  • Further information read the purchasing policies
  • The following flowchart will assist in determining the steps necessary to complete the purchase of goods or services.