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Transfer Students

So, you may not have started off as a Pirate, but you still have a chance to come on board.  As you already know, it’s just as important (if not more so!) to find an institution that is a good fit for your next educational step.  Within the Transfer pages, you’ll find a wealth of information on the admission process, financing options and opportunities to visit.  Let’s start with the basics…


Important Information for Transfers:


Criteria for Admission

  • SAT I or ACT standardized test results are required by Southwestern to be considered for admission, without prescribed minimum levels.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS from employers, high school teachers or parents are optional, although recommended. 
  • EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES are reviewed to assess what a candidate has accomplished outside of the classroom, noting leadership positions held, breadth of experience and sustained interest in individual activities.
  • The PERSONAL INTERVIEW is an option which allows a candidate to learn more about Southwestern and to discuss elements of his or her application file with a member of the admission staff.