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First-Year Seminar

The First-Year Seminar (FYS) enrollment process for 2014 is now closed.  Preparations are under way for 2015 FYS enrollment.

The First-Year Seminar (FYS) is a required two-credit graded course, taken during the fall semester of your first year. Your professor will guide your inquiry into your selected topic and also help you to understand the academic expectations and resources at Southwestern.

But, don’t let the fun topics mislead you; Seminars are real courses with real academic content designed to introduce new students to college, exposing them to what it means to live and learn in the Southwestern University environment through sustained study of and conversation about a topic within the liberal arts tradition.  In particular, seminars focus on introducing students to college-level expectations in the following areas: critical reading, writing cogently, critical and creative thinking, research, and informed discussion.

As you consider the FYS choices, you will also want to decide if you are interested in a coed or single-gender residence hall environment. Southwestern offers first-year Coed housing in two residence halls - Brown-Cody Hall and Mabee Hall, as well as Gender-Specific housing in two residence halls - Kurth Hall (all women) and Ruter Hall (all men). Each FYS has been designated to a certain residence hall.  In Coed and Gender-Specific halls, you will be living with or in close proximity to your FYS classmates which means your residence hall environment may become a hub for seminar conversations and activities.

Notification of FYS assignments will be mailed in mid-June with further information about your Seminar.

Questions related to your First-Year Seminar assignment should be directed to 512.863.1567.