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Brown Symposium

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Beyond Birds and Bees

Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni & community members are invited to a free workshop for parents to be held on Wednesday, February 6th from noon to 1 pm in the Lynda Ballroom of the Mccombs Center.

When it comes to talking about sex, parents make the best teachers. But, where (and when?!) do you start? Based on the very popular 3-hour parent workshop "Beyond Birds and Bees," this 55+ minute presentation will touch on:

  • Age-appropriate 'Sex Ed.'
  • Red Flag Behaviors: when to worry and what to do
  • What's an "askable parent," and how to be one

This is a fun, relaxed presentation filled with great information. There will be plenty of time built in for Q & A. Katie is a licensed therapist specializing in children & families, so bring your questions!

About the Speaker

Katie Malinski, LCSW, is a licensed child & family therapist and parenting coach. In addition to her one-on-one work with families and children, she presents dynamic parenting workshops on a variety of topics, including: Beyond Birds and Bees, Parenting Through Divorce, Mother-Daughter Puberty & Communication, Your Parenting Toolkit, Increasing Your Child's EQ, Typical Parenting Conflicts, and more.

Katie blogs about parenting and therapy at, and about Teaching Healthy Sexuality to Children at: You can sign up for her free parenting newsletter at

David Asbury’s Paideia Cohort

  • Empty Bowls project to benefit Meals on Wheels and Caring Place Food Bank (at lunchtime on Jan 28th)
  • Salon: “Sex and Food” (with local chefs and Culinary Institute Faculty Becky and James Fischer); Fri Jan 25th at noon (Bishop’s Lounge, Red & Charline McCombs Campus Center)

Get Sexy. Get Consent.

Wed, Jan 30th, 8-9pm, Lynda McCombs Ballroom

Get Sexy. Get Consent is a highly interactive one-hour program that examines how we negotiate sex and consent, boundaries and safety. Trained student facilitators act out scenes and monologues and improvise conversations with audience members about negotiating sex. Get Sexy. Get Consent. is inclusive of all romantic and sexual relationships from long-term to one-night-stand and is relevant for all genders and sexualities. This program explores questions such as:

  • What is consent?
  • How do you know someone else wants what you want?
  • How do you communicate your boundaries?
  • What does consent sound like?
  • Do you get it?

Get Sexy. Get Consent. is a program of the Voices Against Violence (VAV) program at the UT-Austin Counseling and Mental Health Center. Check out the VAV program at

SU Counseling Center Workshops for Students

  • “Healthy Relationships/Let's talk about sex” (Mon, Feb 11th, Lynda McCombs Ballroom, 8-9pm)
  • “Love Languages and the 7 Principles to making a relationship work” (Mon, March 4th, Lynda McCombs Ballroom, 8-9pm)